Will African football mark its name in the history of the World Cup? (Part 1)

Although not in the group of heavyweight candidates for the world throne, however, the African football representatives always know how to create a seismic in the World Cup arena. Throughout the history of football, the African football teams have never been easy opponents.

That is why, in 1982, West German coach Jupp Derwall forced his students to watch videos about Algeria before they were confronted. The German strategist is afraid that the home team is subjective to the opponent. After that, some players still eloquently announced that they would crush the opponent and play with a cigar in their mouth.

Contempt for Algeria cost West Germany a dreadful defeat. The defending European champion was shot down by a representative from the black continent. This is also a profound lesson about the dangers of African football teams.

Four years earlier, Tunisia also taught the big teams about their strength. “Eagles of Carthage” drew West Germany 0-0 and defeated Mexico. The heroic story of African football teams is not only one but it stretches through the development of the World Cup.

African football teams are constantly improving

The year 1982 was the start of the rise of the black continent football. After Algeria, Cameroon is the next name to write fairy tales. The team has excellently held a lot of faces. Although unable to go deep, Cameroon still has respectable results in the tournament.

But most notably is the 1986 milestone when Morocco passed the group stage to be in the eighth round. Their success is the premise for other teams to rise. Since then, African representatives have continuously entered the knockout round.

Several years ago, Brazil, Algeria, and Nigeria also passed the group stage. It is worth mentioning, they showed clear progress and gradually narrowed the gap with the big Europeans as well as South America.