Top-tier football tournaments in Africa (Part 1)

It’s truth that African football has been improved and advanced more. The proof is winning of Senegal before France in the FIFA World Cup 2020, or there are a big number of African players to be invited or transferred to European leagues. 

To reach this achievement, it is contribution of competitions held every year, including domestic, continent and international tour.

Today we share top-tier football events in Africa as reference. 

If you love Africa football style, you shouldn’t miss our ranking. So that you can collect the best tournament for experiences.

1, Egyptian Premier League

The Egyptian Premier League is founded in 1948 which is the most professional football competition in this continent. The fact, it also has a long history in Africa.

In general, it has 18 teams to be registered officially for the final round.

During history, Al-Ahly is the most successful football team in Egypt when they have ever reached 118 titles, including both domestic and international events. 

Furthermore, Hassan Ei Shazly was the best player, played in Tersana team. He could reach 173 goals in total matches he did it well.

2, Tunisian Ligue Professional 1

Tuinisan is also top-tier football tournament in African, founded in1 1907. It is also called as Tunisian cup.

In the first period, there was only five teams for competition. Then the Ligue tunisienne de football (standing for LTF) was established, they played an important role to develop this national tournament well.

in the current time, there are 16 teams in one tournament.

During history of Tunisian, Espérance de Tunis is the best team with 29 titles for Championship. 

To invest this Cup, many clubs have built large stadiums like African club or Esperance de Tunis. On average, per stadium has capacity about 60,000 seats.