Top the most famous football events in Africa (Part 1)

Africa is a developing country about football. In the recent time, we see their higher positions in international matches. Assure that we have not yet forget the impressive match between Africa and France in FIFA World Cup 2002 which they won a stronger rival with 1-0 score.

To improve these quality, they have ever organized series of domestic leagues. In this article, we collect top the most prestigious events from this nation for your reference.

1, Egyptian Premier League

This league is one of the top professional competition for any nation in Africa.

This event includes 18 teams collected from many teams before. This event has two major cup: Egyptian Cup and Egyptian Super Cup. Two cup will have some special conditions to choose members.

During history of the Egyptian Premier League, Al-Ahly is the most successful team in Egyp. They have ever won 118 trophies, including the domestic and international tournaments.

About the best player all the time, Hassan El Shazly is voted as the best goal-scorer when he has ever reached many individual titles from this league, estimated about 173 goals.

2, Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1

This is domestic tournament of Tunisian founded in 1907. It is highly appreciated as the top-tier event in this nation. From Tunisian football league, there are many good players founded and trained professionally.

This is under management of the football Ligue Tunisienne de football since 1921. In per season, there are 16 teams to join the final round-off. During the season, only the Tunisian cup is organized officially. The fact, it is the main target of all teams.

Above all, Espérance de Tunis is the most successful team with about 29 titles since the event is established. There is only one cup defined within the professional Tunisian league and that is the Tunisian Cup.