Top the best football coaches from Africa (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top the best football coaches from Africa for your reference.

As far as you know, Africa has special style in footbal performance which brings more interest for football. So, the African head coaches also make some impressive in football history.

3, Lucio Antunes

In the continental competitions, Lucio Antunes has ever reached many successes althouth his titles are not clear for the Champions. He still is admired and respected from the Afcon when he creates the finest fairy for the Afcon about winning dreams.

In the Africa cup, the Afcon under management of Verde became stronger and perfect than ever before. They were excellent to overcome the qualifiers to have an official ticket in the premier competition of continent.

Someone surprised when the Afcon could do the miracle when they could overcome Cameroon and make a tie with South Africa who was the host team as well the most potential team for the Championship.

He is nicknamed as “The African Mourinho” when he contributed to build up the young team of the Afcon to become one of top the best team. He has also several achievements during his career at the Africa continent.

4, Clive Barker

Although career of Clive had some changes but fan of Africa football should remember about his golden days at Bafana in 1990s.

In the Cup of nations in 1996, this was the first time to Bafana to pick up victory happily. His nickname was “the dog” as a strong man to manage and lead his student to thrive pressure of one weak team to reach good achievements which had never happened in history of Bafana.

Then he helped the South Aficans to go the first World Cup in 1998. This event was historic event for Africa football in general.