Top the best football coaches from Africa (Part 1)

Africa is not really outstanding for football, however their performance styles always are impressive and unique. They have several stars at footballers and head coaches who are successful at the international tournaments.

In this article, we will refer to top the best head coaches in football from this continent.

1, Hassan Shehata

Hassan Shehata is from Egypt who is one of few the best coaches at this nation. He contributed to remark important events for football of Egypt to new era.

During his career, he got three big victories for the winning Cup of Nations in 3 seasons: 2006, 2008 and 2010. Although someone said that he was a little lucky when owning talented players like Mohamed Abou-Treika, Hossam Ghaly or Mohamed Zidan, actually he had enough skills and knowledge to train them to become a strong team.

The fact, Shehata only had success at the continent area. He couldn’t lead his student to the bigger football events like World Cup. But the hat trick for triumphs were memorable.

2, Gordon Igesund

Gordon Igesund was an old player in Austria. Then he came back his homeland- South Africa to manage the national team. Before Gordon led this team, they didn’t have high ranking at any football event in the continent.

Since he joined this team, something new and successful has come to them. He had more than 15 years to manage and be close with the South Africa. Many times he won the continental leagues.

He was highly appreciated by his knowledge and skills like an expertist.

Not only stopping success at the continental area, he also led the national South African team to go the playoff of World Cup. This was amazing achievements for any national football team, especially one team has developing economy like the South Africa.