Top of the most famous African football teams in history

Football in the Africa continent has several unique characters about free, powerful and a little crazy. They perform well and comfortably as their character and appearance.

In this article, we share top the famous football teams in Africa. Following our ranking to understand more about culture and tradition of this continent.

In the previous article, we have referred to 3 big names: Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal. Now, we continue to discover other great teams in African history.

4/ DR Congo- The Leopards

This team is on the top great teams in the football Africa with series of achievements in the Africa Cup, even the FIFA World Cup.

They own special performances to make impressive style and good achievements. They have ever won 2 times for Champions of Africa Cup. Furthermore, they were on the top 16 teams for play-off rounds to find winner for World Cup. It’s the biggest event of DR Congo when they bring frame and reputation for this nation.

5/ Morocco- Lions of the Atlas

Under management of the big coach Herve Renard, Morocco had good achievements when they were the first African football team to go the finals of FIFA World Cup in 1986. They were called nickname as Lions of Atlas.

They were described as the big lions with power and confidence which were ready to face and overcome all opponents from other nations in the world.

After excellent performance in 1986, they qualified at World Cup 2018 although they met stronger opponents in play-off.

6/ Egypt- The Pharaohs

The Egypt team was considered as leader or brother of other teams in Africa. Maybe they have not reached the best achievements like Ivory Coast, Ghana or Senegal, they are still confident and experienced to host many Africa Cup of Nations.