Top of the most famous African football teams in history

In this article, we continue to share top the best football teams in Africa football.

According to the style from Africa, they always express special style with full off energy and passion for sports. Therefore, they make impressive and great for any football lover.

7, Ivory Coast (The Elephants)

Ivory Coast has reached many achievements in the recent time to be present in the top ranking of the best football team.

In 2005, they won the AFCON trophy before surprising of millions of football fans as well critics. Actually, they had ever joined the final match of AFCON in 2002 but they were defeated by the Zambia in penalties. Until 2005 season, they made dream for champion to become true.

Not only success in the African tournament, Ivory Coast has some achievements in FIFA World Cup when they have ever gone the final playoffs as if one of the representatives of the Africa. Although only stop at 16 team playoff, these efforts are highly appreciated at the continent.

8, Nigeria (Super Eagles)

Nigeria is considered one of the strongest African football teams when they have ever gone the FIFA World Cup with Ivory Coast and Algeria.

In fact, in World Cup 2014, they reached the round of 16 teams and made total 4 goals before stronger opponents from the Western. This achievement is the best with Nigeria because this is the first time there is an African country made goals in the international pitches of World Cup.

In the continental tournament, they have ever got 2 titles for AFCON trophies. This team own many talented and stars who are transferred or purchased to some foreign rich clubs.

Until now, the national Nigerian team is under management by the Algerian Football Federation. They always invest in growth profession, training as well physical exercise for team.