Top 10 richest football players in Africa all time

Although Africa is not famous for football like other continents, they own great talents about football. When their football industry has been not focused and growth strongly, many players are invited to Europe to play for top leagues. The fact that, African footballers are doing well to make more good reputation for their nations.

In this article, we discuss top 10 riches football players in Africa all the time. Following it to look back a few information about African footballer.

1, Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’s is a former of Cameroon football team who has been offered at many famous clubs. Therefore, he is ranked the first African player with the highest salary. Estimated that he is valued 202$ million.

To create the hug capital, he has ever played for many rich clubs in England, Spain, Italy or Turkey. Going experience for per club, he also reaches titles and trophies successfully, except the World Cup.

Several most outstanding achievements are becoming the champions for Barcelona and Inter Milan at UEFA Champions League in 2 consecutive seasons. These achievements are admired.

2, Yaya Touré

He is a captain as well one of the greatest midfielders all time who is from Ivory Coast in Africa. He has ever played for 2 rich clubs Manchester City and Barcelona. During his career at both teams, he contributes his talent to reach Champions and Titles.

In addition, he also supports their national football team to win the Africa Cup and become the first time for Champion in this nation’s history.

According to report, he has about 170$ million so he is ranked for the 2nd richest football player in Africa.

3, Didier Drogba

He is a talented striker coming from Ivory Coast. He is the same decade with Samuel Etoo. They are stars to brighten talents for African to international football.

He has ever played for Chelsea. During his career, he is honored many trophies and tiles. Estimated that he has 155$ Million.