Top 10 richest football players in Africa all time

In this article, we continue to share top the richest footballer in Africa all the time. In general, football is regarded as one industry with millions of dollars because there are many stars with big revenue. They become millionaire when they earn money from contract transfer as well advertising deals. So they have more opportunities to have profit thanks to frame and talent in football.

Who are they? Following this article to watch whether your idol is on our ranking or not.

7/ Nwankwo Kanu

He is a legend of Africa football with talent and scarification in career. He is born in capital of Nigeria. He has started to play soccer professionally when he was only small.

During his job, he was ever voted for the Ambassador of Pay TV Star in many years. He also acted advertising video for big brands.

About profession, he played for many big clubs in Europe such as Arsenal, Portsmouth, Ajax and also Inter Millan. In addition, he was a leader and closed with Nigeria football during 16 years.

In 2015, estimated that he owned 100$ million.

8/ Jay-Jay Okocha

Someone calls Jay-Jay as the “African Lionel Messi” because he has similar style like Messi, from trickery, confidence until technique to overcome other opponents. So, he is regraded as one of the greatest footballers in African football. His nickname Jay Jay means that talent is twice.

He has played for many big clubs such as Bolton Wanderers, Paris Saint Germain, Hull City as well Nigeria National team. Thanks to transfer contract from one club to another, he can earn big profit. He usually receives money from prizes for seasons.  

In 2015, estimated that he owned 150$ million. This number is deserved in top the richest footballers until now.