The ranking of greatest football tournaments

Football is considered as the king of all sports. It also owns millions of fan through the world. Although many people love football, they can’t know all tournaments about football. It’s easy to understand because of difference about location and language. However, it’s really bitty when you miss some football matches at the top interesting matches.

If you are confused about it, you should follow our article, we will share top greatest football tournaments all over the world. We will split it by ranking from the most popularity to less.

1/ Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey is regarded as one of the most European football competitions which is well-known as “King’s Cup”.

The initial history of the Copa del Rey was from domestic competition in Span, then it was spread out to many areas in Euro.

At this tournament, we have opportunities to see showing off of Spanish giant when they invested a big sum of money for employing stars and coaches so that they want to become champions.

We can list some big name of Copa Del Rey like Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid.

2/ Confederations Cup

The Confederations Cup has started to become famous for 2005 when it was founded as a replacement of the FIFA World Cup.

As the rule of the international federation, Confederation Cup is held in the same host nation but earlier than one year of the World Cup. This purpose is for FIFA to appreciate preparation of the host whether they have ability to welcome the most prestigious football tournament or not.

Furthermore, it’s a good chance for the host to improve skills and experiences then focus on organizing the World Cup best.

Through purpose of Confederation Cup to target the quality in service, technique as well records for per tournament, fans feel indicative and interesting to join this game.