Learn about the history of the African Cup of Nations (Part 3)

In 2011, Morocco was announced as the host country of CAN 2015. Meanwhile, Libya was the host country at the 2013 tournament. However, Libya was stripped of its hosting rights. The event moved to South Africa due to the civil war in this country since 2011.

The country was again stripped of the right to host the 2017 tournament. This is when the second civil war broke out in 2014 and was replaced by Gabon.

In the period 2014 – 2015, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa broke out. This caused all Liberia football activities to be suspended. The Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia became one of the places specializing in the treatment of Ebola.

Morocco is the host country of CAN 2015 but they refused to host the tournament. The reason was because of the epidemic concerns. The tournament that year was moved to another location, Equatorial Guinea.

By 2019, CAN Finals will have the participation of 24 teams. CAN 2021 is moved to the following year due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic when the qualifiers of the tournament are in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

Algeria champions CAN 2019 after nearly three decades of waiting

Baghdad Bounedjah’s second-minute early goal helped Algeria win at least 1-0 over Senegal, thereby crowning CAN 2019.

Algeria champions CAN 2019 after nearly three decades of waiting

Algeria had a dream start when entering the CAN 2019 final against Senegal. As soon as the match passed 80 seconds, the white-blue shirt team tore through the opponent’s net after Baghdad Bounedjah’s annoying finish.

This advantage helps Algeria easily deploy the position in the remainder of the time. Senegal, despite its aggressive attack and exert a series of intense pressure, has no way of penetrating the well-organized defense on the opponent’s side. On the contrary, many times they even faced sharp counterattacks.

Results 1-0 remained until the end of the match and Algeria convincingly crowned champions. Before that, on the journey to the final, they have in turn knocked down a series of big men such as Guinea, Ivory Coast, or  Nigeria.

For Algeria, this is the second time they won Africa, after the first in 1990. Representatives of North Africa also received two individual awards. They were Best Player for midfielder Ismael Bennacer and Best Goalkeeper for Rais Mbolhi.