In spite of Covid-19 pandemic, African football was bustling as normal

Football activities in Africa are still normal, despite the outbreak of Covid-19 that could break out on the black continent.

The Covid-19 pandemic is having complicated developments all over the world. Although Africa is a place with hot weather conditions, 162 cases have been recorded, of which 5 have died. Covid-19 is reported to have appeared in 13 countries in Africa.

Many high-class players in Europe returning to serve the national team will increase the risk of spreading the Covid-19 in Africa.

Faced with the complicated situation of the epidemic, many Football Unions in Africa have expressed concern. Kenya Football Federation (FKF) has submitted an application to the African Football Federation (CAF) to postpone the matches of the African Cup qualifier (AFCON 2021) scheduled to take place by the end of March.

However, in an FKF response, CAF stated that there was no reason to postpone continental football matches in Africa. As a precaution, some matches may take place without an audience.

CAF’s notice stated: “We would like to inform all football unions in Africa that we are closely monitoring the situation. Currently, WHO declares that no country in Africa is at risk. The large number of Covid-19 cases in Africa appear only in small numbers, still under control. Therefore, we will continue to maintain the schedule of the African football tournament as issued. The federations of members can take precautions themselves, such as kicking the audience.”

CAF’s decision is causing controversy when in the next AFCON 21 qualifying series, there will be a huge number of players who are playing in Europe (the heart of Covid-19) returning to serve the national teams. There is an extremely high risk of an outbreak in the continent that is still considered to be the world’s least developed medical level.