Being treated unfairly, will the Golden Ball of Africa leave Liverpool?

Sadio Mane is currently the most important pillar of Liverpool’s play. But the 2019 African Golden Ball is not happy with coach Klopp in one problem. 

Is Mane discontented in Liverpool?

Sadio Mane recently shocked Liverpool fans by saying if the team was not awarded the 2019/20 Premier League championship because of the Covid-19 pandemic, he would also accept. Then the following day, Mane revealed that he was close to the great rival MU, if not rejected by coach Van Gaal.

Mane was angry with coach Klopp and Salah

Since that time, Liverpool fans have been concerned that it seems that Sadio Mane no longer wholeheartedly stays at Anfield. Along with that, the news about Mane demanding to leave Liverpool and this team recruited Kylian Mbappe increasingly dense. Now, the truth is gradually being revealed.

According to the Daily Express, Sadio Mane is dissatisfied with coach Jurgen Klopp because he publicly supported central defender Virgil van Dijk to win the 2019 Golden Ball title in December last year. Last season Mane, along with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mohamed Salah, shared the Premier League top scorer title with the same 22 goals, while Van Dijk was voted the Player of the tournament.

So both Mane and Van Dijk are formidable opponents of Lionel Messi in the 2019 Golden Ball race. But in the end, this noble reward ultimately belongs to Lionel Messi.

Will African Gold Ball leave?

These statements are also the source of the block of conflict between Mane and coach Klopp. Besides, he also gets angry with teammate Mohamed Salah for being selfish. The scandal only subsided when Klopp “took action” in the Liverpool locker room, without anyone knowing what the verdict was. However, Daily Express sources confirmed that, in the eyes of Mane’s assessment, he was being treated unfairly by the German military authorities compared to Salah and Van Dijk.

Mane won the 2019 African Golden Ball Award

Sadio Mane is still under contract with Liverpool until the summer of 2023. It has been reported that the Real Madrid leadership has expressed a desire to have Mane, and PSG is also willing to spend huge amounts of money to recruit the star.

In the summer of 2016, Liverpool spent £ 36 million to bring Sadio Mane to Anfield in the most expensive contract in club history at that time. 1 year later, the port team continued to spend 39 million pounds to get Mohamed Salah. And then again, the Virgil and Dijk and Alisson Becker far exceeded the transfer record that Mane once held.