The issue of internal coaches and foreign coaches in African football

In the history of the World Cup, there are three African teams advance to the quarterfinals, all three teams are not led by domestic coach. So does this matter?

The biggest football tournament on the planet has come almost half way, but now we realize one thing, in a festival where “dozens” of African players have reached world class, but There are only two African coaches leading the teams at the 2018 World Cup: Aliou Cissé of Senegal and Nabil Maaloul of Tunisia.

In particular, Cisse is moving forward with Senegal when there was a win against Poland and a draw with Japan. With 4 points earned, the opportunity to continue in Group H is huge.

The president of the African nation, Macky Sall, who had attended the match against Poland in Moscow returned, but they certainly did not follow him. The opportunity is still there, a victory or at least one point ahead of the Colombian opponent will give them a ticket to go straight to the knockout round.

In the history of the FIFA World Cup finals, only three African teams made it to the quarter-finals, including Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010. However, there was no African coach. Which leads one of the aforementioned teams. Cisse was in Korea 16 years ago, was the spiritual leader with his teammates to win 1-0 in the first match against the defending champion at the time, France.

The hot topic in Africa since the first days

If you did not know, Senegal was still a French colony at that time, the players there if going abroad would play only one destination, France. But this year’s World Cup is different, the players on the list register to play football in many parts of the world, from the club Horoya A.C (Guinea) to Turkey, Italy and the Premier League.

The issue of internal coaches and foreign coaches, has been a hot topic in Africa since the first days. In 1934, when Egypt was attending the tournament for the first time, the captain was James McRae, a Scottish man. By 1970, when Marocco was the next African team to attend the World Cup, they were led by a Yugoslavian, Blagoje Vidinic.

The fact that foreign coaches have rushed into African countries has narrowed the chances of the domestic rulers. Tanzania even has a ban on non-national coaches, the ban was recently lifted.

Top famous African football teams in football history

African football is ranked middle in the world football background. And teams from the continent are always good candidates for professional football tournaments. In particular, the following African teams are considered the most famous in history.

Ivory Coast

 This team is nicknamed the “wild elephant” of Africa, representing the Ivory Coast in international football. The team is run by the Ivory Coast Football Federation. As of 2005, their biggest accomplishment was the African Cup championship in 1992. Next, in 2015, they once again defeated Ghana on penalties.

Ivory Coast has many bright football stars playing in Europe such as Didier Drogba, Yaya Touré, Emmanuel Eboué, Wilfried Bony, Seydou Doumbia, Gervinho, Eric Bailly, Serge Aurier, Wilfried Zaha, Salomon Kalou and Kolo Touré… The team that won the African football championship – Can is famous in 2015. And the record holder for the most goals for this team is Didier Drogba with a total of 65 goals.


Ghana is one of Africa’s oldest and most famous football teams in the continent. The Ghana national football team has represented Ghana’s international football association since the 1950s. This team has won the UN Cup of Africa four times, that is in 1968, 1970, 1992, 2010. and 2015.

After the unbeaten series in 2005, the team went on to win the FIFA Africa Team of the Year award and reached the second round of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. At the FIFA World Cup 2010 In South Africa, Ghana is the third black team to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup. 2014 is the 3rd consecutive year this team participated in the World Cup.

Ghana impressed with the top 4 World Cup 2010 achievements and 4 Can championships. In 2013, the Ghana Football Association launched Africa’s first continental football channel, called GFA TV. This is the exclusive channel to broadcast all the matches of the “Black Stars”.


Senegal is an African team in the very development stage. The team, founded in the early 1960s, was a regular competitor at the United Nations Africa Cup with runner-up in 2002.

The same year the team participated in the FIFA World Cup for the first time and reached into the quarterfinals. After 16 years, this team had a memorable tournament with Nigeria when it became the third African team in the history of African teams playing in three consecutive World Cups.

Above are 3 of the most famous African teams in football history.