Equatorial Guinea to play against Kenya

The Equatorial Guinean national team, women’s under-17, is scheduled to play against the relatively unknown Kenyan team. The first leg will take place in Malabo on August 16th, the second in Nairobi on August 31st. Africa has three spots in the World Cup that will take place in March and April 2014 in Costa Rica; if the Women’s Nzalang is classified in this qualifying round, it will be very close to qualifying for the finals as the team would be placed in reserve for the second round. Nigeria and South Africa, both veterans in this competition, are already in reserve for this preliminary round. The first time the National Nzalang participated in the qualifying rounds for FIFA under-20 took place in 2011, but the team suffered two huge losses to Mali. Things are looking better for the Women’s Nzalang under their new Spanish-Argentine coach, Esteban Becker, who coached the main team in the most recent African Cup.

Equatorial Guinea Beats Cape Verde 4-3

National Nzalang gets one step closer to qualifying for the FIFA World Cup 2014

After a close match against Cape Verde this Sunday, Equatorial Guinea’s National Nzalang celebrated a win that will help them move forward in the qualifications of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

Three minutes into the game, the Nzalang started off ahead with a goal by Emilio Nsue. By halftime, the score was tied 2-2.

The two teams kept it close in the second half by scoring another goal each, leaving them at 3-3 with little time left on the clock. At the 86th minute, Claudiney Ramos helped Nzalang take the lead with the final goal, leaving the score 4-3 – an important victory for Nzalang.

Nzalang’s win made Equatorial Guinea second in the group for qualifications of the World Cup with a total of 4 points. They are ahead of Sierra Leone who recently lost to Tunisia 2-1.