Equatorial Guinea Prepares for the National Football League Playoffs

Next week, playoffs for the National Football League will take place in Equatorial Guinea. Games will begin on Wednesday, November 13 at the La Paz Stadium of Malabo and will last until the 23rd.

A total of eight teams qualified for the national football tournament, which is going to be hosted by the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation (FEGUIFUT).

The opening games will include the following pairings:

Wednesday, November 13:

14h: Leones Vegetarianos – Campos Amor

16h: At. Semu – Akonangui F.C.

Thursday, November 14:

14h: Sony Ela Nguema – Ad. Messi Knulu

16h: The Panter – Dvo. Mongomo

The team with the most points will win the league and will go on to play the 2014 African Champions League.