World Cup Champion Plays Equatorial Guinea’s National Soccer Team

Roja_2Equatorial Guinea’s national soccer team, Nzalang, played against World Champion team, La Roja, this Saturday, November 16, in Malabo, the West African nation’s capital. La Roja won 2-1.

The historic soccer match brought together 15,000 fans to the new stadium in Malabo. The end of the match was like a party, both in the field and the stands, where the players and fans exchanged brotherly embraces and greetings.

Roja_1The friendly match training session brought 12,000 soccer fans to the new stadium of Malabo to watch the world Cup Champion team, La Roja, play prior to its friendly match against the Nzalang. Equatoguinean citizens were thrilled to have the opportunity to watch La Roja train in their country. A recent article, reported that three-fourths of the stadium was full with soccer fans.

While in Equatorial Guinea, La Roja held a press conference where they said the team was well received and that they had seen the Nzalang team in two matches in the classification phase of the 2014 World Cup. “It is a team with its limitations, but with some good things that can complicate the game for us. They are well organized; press well, they will come out on the offensive without fear,” said Vicente del Bosque, La Roja coach.