Equatorial Guinea coach Henri Michel Cautiously Confident

Equatorial Guinea head coach Henri Michel says each game for his team at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations will be “like trying to climb Mount Everest.” While Michel stopped short of saying Equatorial Guinea has long odds of winning, the coach did express some concern. These worries are fair as the Nzalang Nacional, who are co-hosts of the tournament with Gabon, are ranked 155th in the world and have never been to a Nations Cup before. In a recent interview, the Frenchman said that both the squad and himself would try their hardest to compete with other more experienced teams. “All the teams in the competition are better than us…I’m saying that it’s not possible so we’re going to do our best, with everything that we have.”

Equatorial Guinea Prepares to Host 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

Equatorial Guinea has completed 97% of the infrastructure projects needed to host 2012 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN), which will open in Malabo on January 21. In an interview with BBC, Minister of Youth and Sports Ruslan Nsue Obiang, who is also chairman of the organizing committee, pointed to the country’s success in delivering infrastructure projects for the recent African Union Summit, and said that Equatorial Guinea continues its efforts to upgrade and enhance infrastructure in the country as it gets ready to co-host the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) with neighboring Gabon.

Minister Obiang pointed out that Equatorial Guinea is experienced in holding events of this magnitude. “With the African Union Summit that was held last month, you could see the hotel capacity we have in Malabo.” He continued to say Equatorial Guinea and Gabon have always enjoyed good bilateral relations and the two parties have been working well together to host the CAN 2012.

Equatorial Guinea’s soccer coach, Henri Michel, has been leading the team throughout this year’s competitions and will continue to train the team for the upcoming CAN 2012.

The new infrastructure projects put in place for CAN 2012 are part of Equatorial Guinea’s multi-year program to upgrade and enhance the infrastructure of the country. The government’s Horizon 2020 development plan, put in motion by President Obiang, has made infrastructure development a central goal to drive the country to become an emergent and sustainable economy by 2020.