Malabo Kings Prepare for African Basketball Championship

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.07.39 PMThe basketball champions of Central Africa, the Malabo Kings of Equatorial Guinea, left for Portugal last Friday in preparation for the African Basketball Championships League, which will take place in Tunisia on December 12th.

The sports exhibition will be led by the team’s Vice President, Juna Mañe Ondo. The team includes 18 members and 12 players. Emiliano Ebendeng and Juan Mangire are expected to join the team next weekend, as well.

According to Miguel Ángel Hoyo, the team’s expert, all members have arrived in Portugal safely and have begun training.

Below is the program for the upcoming games:

  • Malabo Kings vs. Cambados – Tuesday, 12/3
  • Malabo Kings vs. CD Marin – Wednesday, 12/4
  • Malabo Kings vs. Oporto – Thursday, 12/5
  • Malabo Kings vs. Orense – Monday, 12/9

This will be the last championship game between Equatorial Guinea and Central Africa before leaving for the Center for Higher Performance in Melgaso, with the destination of Tunisia the following day.