Equatorial Guinea’s National Women’s Soccer Team Ties with Ivory Coast

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 2.17.37 PMThe women’s national soccer team has obtained a great result in its qualifying match for the CAN 2014, by tying at one goal with the selection of Ivory Coast at the Stadium Robert Champroux of Abidjan.

The girls of the Nzalang managed to get ahead in the scoreboard thanks to a goal from the captain, Genoveva Ayongman, when she scored with a long distance penalty. The Ivorian girls managed to tie the match five minutes later by scoring a dubious penalty against the national team and thus ended the first half.

Deportivo Unidad leads Segesa Soccer League

Segesa_Soccer_Equatorial_GuineaThe Deportivo Unidad continues to lead the SEGESA soccer league. Next weekend, the final round of the league will take place in Equatorial Guinea. The leagues score is as follows:

Deportivo Unidad 0 – Sony de Ela Nguema 1
San Pablo 0 – The Panthers 2
Leones Vegetarianos 3 – Real Equis 0
Deportivo Ebenezer 2 – Atletico Malabo 0
Santa Rosa 0 – Inter Junior 2
Atletico Semu 1 – Ateneo F. C. 0

Equatorial Guinea National Soccer team to play Mauritania in CAN 2015

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.00.08 PMThe Equatorial Guinean national soccer, the Nzalang, will play against the Mauritanians on the African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2015, to be held in Morocco.

Here are the pairings for the first preliminary stage:

Mauritania-Equatorial Guinea
Central African Republic-Guinea Bissau
Swaziland-Sierra Leone
Sao Tome and Principe-Benin
Mozambique-South Sudan