The women’s team Inter Continental celebrates their league and cup titles

Inter Continental won the First Lady of the Nation Cup on October 11 and have added to their winnings this past weekend by winning the league title.  They claimed the title after beating Estrellas de Vesper of Bata at the Annex Stadium.

The club’s directors hosted a dinner for the players to celebrate their titles.  During dinner, Inter Continental’s captain delivered the trophy and medals to the directors.

Bonifacio Manga Obiang, the President of the FEGUIFUT, committed to increase the subsidy to the league during his congratulations speech.

Malabo will host the African Basketball Champions League

Equatorial Guinea’s capital will host the African Basketball Champions League for its first time and will take place between November 29 and December 8.  Organization of the event is being handled by Manuel Sabino Asumu Kawan, the Vice Minister of Youth and Sports.

Twelve teams will compete in the competition.  Angola is the only country to have three representatives, while the rest have one.  Mongomo Basquet will represent Equatorial Guinea.

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The President of the Republic decorates the Women’s Nzalang

The players and coaching staff of the Women’s Nzalang were awarded medals on Tuesday for winning the Women’s CAN 2012.  They received their medals from the President of the Republic and the First Lady.  Obiang Nguema Mbasogo acknowledged that the exploits of the players “raises the level of prestige of Equatorial Guinea, and helps to highlight our country in the African confines and the world in general.”  The team looks forward to defending their title in 2014.

Women’s Nzalang Victorious in Women’s CAN 2012 Final

The Women’s Nzalang kept their unbeaten streak alive as they cruised through the championship by beating South Africa 4-0.

The game started out slow, with neither team really taking control.  South Africa controlled possession early, but created no magical moments in the offensive end.  It appeared as though the game would be 0-0 going into halftime.  However, Equatorial Guinea broke through moments before the whistle blew, giving the Women’s Nzalang a 1-0 lead.

Equatorial Guinea took over in the second half, tacking on another 3 goals to their lead.  When the final whistle blew, the crowd erupted with joy as they celebrated the championship victory.  After the game, the Women’s Nzalang were awarded gold medals and the cup by the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

The Women’s Nzalang will go to the finals after beating Cameroon 2-0

The Women’s Nzalang has advanced to the finals of the Women’s CAN 2012 after a 2-0 victory over rival Cameroon.

Equatorial Guinea kept their winning streak alive and their defense was solid, yet again.  They scored within the first 6 minutes of the game and continued to dominate throughout the entire match.

The first half went well for Nzalang.  When it looked like they would have a 1-0 lead at halftime, Ayonman netted the second goal of the half, giving Equatorial Guinea a commanding lead.

Cameroon came out strong at the start of the second half, playing with a strong, physical style.  But Esteban Becker instilled in them to never back down, and the Equatorial Guinean heroines held off a strong second half effort by their rivals.

In the other semifinal match, South Africa squeaked out a 1-0 victory over Nigeria.  After taking the lead, the South Africans focused on playing sound defense and didn’t allow Nigeria to get the equalizer.  Nigeria will now be forced to play for third place against Cameroon.

The final between Equatorial Guinea and South Africa will take place on Sunday, November 11, in the New Stadium of Malabo.  The stadium will be packed as the fans anticipate a victory for the team that as dominated throughout the entire tournament.