Equatorial Guinea’s U-20 Women’s Team Defeats Zambia 2-0

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 4.15.14 PMThe U-20 Equatorial Guinea Women’s National Team, Nzalang National, advanced in their quest to qualify for the 2014 Canada FIFA World Cup by defeating Chipolopolo of Zambia at Sunset Stadium in Lusaka, Zambia on Saturday.

The game started after a moment of silence honoring Nelson Mandela and the Deputy Minister of Sports for Zambia. Coach Juan Micha of National Nzalang encouraged the team to fight hard and come out early to play.

During the game, Christelle Olive Ngo Nyapele scored both goals from set pieces in the first half. The first goal came in the 18th minute when Christelle scored from 25 meters away on a free kick. The second goal came shortly afterward when Christelle headed the ball into the net from a corner kick.

The next round of games will take place on December 21st in Malabo.

Andoni Goikoetxea Renews Contract for Two More Years Coaching the National Nzalang

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.18.59 AMAndoni Goikoetxea, coach of Equatorial Guinea’s National Nzalang, recently renewed his contract for two more years. During an interview, he described his past experience in Equatorial Guinea as a very positive experience, stating that, “the people have always treated [him] with great respect and affection.”

The Nzalang team is continuing to make progress and hopes to qualify for the CAN 2015. Goikoetxea said, “Qualifying for CAN 2015 would be very important for soccer in Equatorial Guinea and we will fight with all our strength for it.” Their match against the Spanish certainly inspired them to push forward. Goikoetxea described the match as, “something historic, a prize for the Equatorial Guinean soccer and all the fans.”

Overall, Goikoetxea’s message to the fans of Equatorial Guinea was, “We are growing and will continue to grow.” He believes that to continue soccer success in Equatorial Guinea soccer schools need to be made a priority because they “are important for children to improve their techniques and team play.”

Akonangui is the new champion of the National Soccer League

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.27.57 AMThis Friday, November 22, the Akonangui team has became the official champion of the National Soccer League in Equatorial Guinea, also known as the Playoffs, by beating The Panthers 1-0 in a match marked by tension between the two opponents.

The match faced by Akonangui against The Panthers F.C. of Malabo was characterized by the enormous tension felt in the field and in the stands.

Nzalang Women’s Under 17 defeated by Ghana

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.22.32 AMThe Under 17 women’s national team is out of the World Costa Rica 2014, after losing his defeat against Ghana, with the final score of 3-2.

The women’s teams in all categories are doing an excellent job, and now have to support the Under 20, which is two qualifiers away from getting into World Canada 2014.

Historic Soccer Match between Equatorial Guinea and Spain

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.12.53 AM“Operation David and Goliath” is what fans have named this Saturday’s sold-out game between Equatorial Guinea’s Nzalang team and Spain’s La Roja. The Spanish national soccer team, La Roja, has arrived in Equatorial Guinea, and is staying in one of the most emblematic hotels in the country, Hotel Sofitel Malabo Le Golf.  The team held a press conference at the hotel after the team arrived this morning. La Roja said they will give their best, try to win and make it a day for the fans.

The Nzalang players look forward to the game against Spain where they will face the world champions in soccer. Juvenal Edjogo, team captain of Nzalang says, “We expect a great show and, above all, we want to make a good game for our fans, because they deserve it. We are all pleased that Spain has decided to come to Equatorial Guinea because it is historic and we hope that in the future there will be more meetings as well.”

The excitement of the approaching game is not just felt by Edjogo.  With 15,250 seats sold, this match is the main topic of conversation throughout the country. The game will take place at El Nuevo de Malabo, one of the best stadiums in Africa.