The Official Ball of the CAN

The Comoequa takes its name from the river Como, whose waters cross the two host countries: Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Its technology is the same that has been used to manufacture the Tango 12, the ball designed for the 2012 Eurocup and its predominant color is yellow, with details in the colors of the flags of the host countries.

FIFA World Cup Brazil: First Matches

Which five of the 52 national teams will make it to the Brazil World Cup in 2014? There will be 52 teams which vie for the five seats available for the region, since Mauritania has decided not to participate in the matches.

In the first round of matches, which took place last week, the lowest ranking FIFA countries faced off in a double match. The National Nzalang played against Madagascar for its pass in the group stage and was eliminated after a 2-0 score at the stadium in Malabo and losing 2-1 in the second leg in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar.

The other teams that were ranked in the first round were the teams of Congo, Namibia, Mozambique, Rwanda, DR of Congo, Tanzania, Togo, Kenya, Lesotho and Ethiopia.

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Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to Host 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

Equatorial Guinea and Gabon will be hosting the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations which will be the 28th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations. The two countries defeated bids from two previous winners, Angola and Libya as well as a Nigerian bid.  As Equatorial Guinea and Gabon are the hosts, they will automatically be qualified to the tournament. They join Botswana and Côte d’Ivoire who have also already qualified as winners of their respective groups.  The opening match, one semi-final and the third place match will be held in Equatorial Guinea while the other semi-final and the final will be held in Gabon. The two stadiums that will be used in Equatorial Guinea are Estadio de Bata and the Nuevo Estadio de Malabo.  The draw for the finals will take place on the 29th October, 2011.