Coach of Sony Ela Nguema, “We Are Going for the Title”

A press conference was held last Tuesday morning to address the questions from the media about the great match between the Sony of Ela Nguema with its immediate follower, a senior member and contender for the title, the club Deportivo Mongomo. When asked about his aspirations for the team in the National Championship, the coach of Sony of Ela Nguema answered, “We are the current champions, a situation that, like anyone, we’d like to achieve once again; we know that it is possible, but we must work hard.”

Equatorial Guinean National Soccer League

The matches of the second round of Equatorial Guinea’s professional football league were played last week. Malabo teams were able to demonstrate their supremacy over other national teams.
The ranking is led by Sony of Ela Nguema, Vegetarianos, The Panter and Deportivo Unidad with six points, followed by Deportivo Mongomo, At. Malabo and At. Semu, with four points and, finally, San Pablo of Nsork, Real Castell and Robella Inter, with three points.

Equatorial Guinea debuts its Football League

This past weekend was the kick-off of the first edition of the Football League of Equatorial Guinea. A ceremony was celebrated at Bata’s stadium, under the direction of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Francisco Pascual Eyegue Obama.

The event, attended by the teams of the first, second and women’s divisions of football, began with the speech of the Statutory President of FEGUIFUT, Bonifacio Manga Obiang, who in his speech highlighted the difficulties traversed to reach this moment.

“Since 2011, the League was delayed because the teams refused to keep playing with the old format of two leagues in Malabo and Bata, which resulted in a small national league that usually confronted the top four in each region,” said Bonifacio Manga.