Olympic Committee of Equatorial Guinea (COGE) Meets for 2012 Olympics Review

The directors and board of the COGE (the Olympic Committee of Equatorial Guinea), led by its chairman, Manuel Sabino Asumu Kawan, met last week for the first time after the London Olympics. Among the issues at hand was the donation of computer equipment to the National Sports Federation, whose funds come from the aid of Olympic Solidarity, which organises assistance for National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

The COGE reached financial stability earlier this year, thanks to the recovery of international subsidies that were suspended for four years due to the global economic crisis.

Famous without Being in London

Twelve years after his debut in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Eric Moussambani Malonga is still one of the most famous and sought after Equatorial Guinean athletes. His unprecedented performance in the Olympic pool still has press talking. However, some reporters fail to understand why the most famous swimmer of the county isn’t a part of this year’s Olympic delegation. The Equatorial Guinean Olympic Committee responded to this inquiry by saying that the Federation of Equatorial Guinea has not participated in any of the world, continental or sub-regional competitions since 2000.

Equatorial Guinea at the London Olympics

The sports delegation of Equatorial Guinea has already set foot in London. Led by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ruslan Obiang, the Equatorial Guinean sports team has made its presentation in the Olympic Village square, next to Luxembourg, Togo, Austria and Slovenia. The Equatorial Guinean delegation was also led by the National Olympic Committee President, Manuel Sabino Asumu Kawan and the Ambassador in London, Mari Cruz Evuna Ademe.