Equatorial Guinea Gains 41 Positions on FIFA Rankings

Fernando Gomes, the young Equatorial Guinean defender, was selected from the list of players that would make up the ideal team of the CAN 2013. Many players were picked from the national teams of Zambia (5) and Ivory Coast (4) since their tremendous success at the Cup of African Nations 2012.

Equatorial Guinea’s National Nzalang has also been able to make a significant improvement as it’s the second team that has gained the most positions in the international ranking for the FIFA. After participating in the CAN 2012, the National Nzalang won 158 points and has gained 41 positions. Now at #110 in the world, National Nzalang fans anxiously await the news of qualification for Brazil’s 2014 World Cup and the CAN 2013, which will be held in South Africa.

Photo courtesy of guineaecuatorialpress.com.

The world of golf comes to Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is an excellent place to go golfing, with a privileged location and an excellent climate, golf tourism is on the rise and Equatorial Guinea will soon benefit from the economic impact of the practice of this sport. There is a wide interest in diversifying Equatorial Guinea’s investments, and with that, tourism promises to expand its options.

The world of golf, for example, opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Furthermore, although many people aren’t aware, there is a real demand for golf and leisure activities in Equatorial Guinea. Many workers, managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world come to reside in EG and are interested in establishing new relationships and new leisure activities in a dynamic environment, for which golf can be the perfect partner.