Ivory Coast and Zambia: CAN 2012 Finalists

It’s official: the finalists of the Africa Cup of Nations 2012 are the national teams of Ivory Coast and Zambia, who will be facing off this Sunday, February 12 at the Libreville stadium in Gabon. Ivory Coast most recently beat Mali 1-0 and Zambia was victorious over Ghana’s Black Stars, ending the match at 1-0 as well.

The finalists are the only two teams that won against Equatorial Guinea’s Nzalang Nacional, granting even more prestige to the team’s stellar performance this year.

Photo courtesy of Guineaecuatorialpress.

Equatorial Guinea Loses Against Zambia

Co-hosts Equatorial Guinea lost for the first time in the Africa Cup on Sunday in a match against the national team of Zambia. The Malabo game has ensured that both sides will now qualify for the quarter finals.

The Nzalang performed ​​a great first half, controlling the game of Zambia at all times and also creating goal opportunities.

In the second half Fabiani entered the game, replacing Thierry, and the Zambian team jumped onto the field seeking the goal that would ensure the classification and top position in the group.

In the press conference after the match, Gilson Paulo said he would have an immediate meeting with the players to talk about the game in order “to not let their spirits drop. The players are professionals and are not going to be affected by this defeat. We will continue working as usual, we must correct the mistakes and be optimistic.”

Equatorial Guinea Rewards Coach with New Contract

The 62-year-old Brazilian coach of Equatorial Guinea, Gilson Paulo, hired just weeks before the start of the Cup of African Nations, has surpassed expectations with the Nzalang Nacional’s wins over Libya and Senegal and has been rewarded with a new one year contract.

Equatorial Guinea, ranked 151st in the world, lost to Zambia on Sunday night but this has not affected their spot in the quarterfinals.

They face Cape Verde, Tunisia and Sierra Leone in their third-round World Cup qualifying group starting in June.

The Official Ball of the CAN

The Comoequa takes its name from the river Como, whose waters cross the two host countries: Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Its technology is the same that has been used to manufacture the Tango 12, the ball designed for the 2012 Eurocup and its predominant color is yellow, with details in the colors of the flags of the host countries.


The 28th Africa Cup of Nations, jointly hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, kicks off in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, on January 21, 2012 and will run till the finals on February 12, 2012, in Libreville, Gabon. Clicking on the link above will give you a full overview of what the cup will be like: the duration, the teams, as well as the format and regulations.